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Find all the latest news and breaking news with the most important local and international headlines, weather, politics, entertainment, sports, business, and much more. DuBa World News is a news aggregator website that can be personalized to show news about your interests and in your preferred language. You can get the latest news in your location at the same time that you keep an eye on international headlines.

Never Miss the Latest News

Don’t worry about scrambling through numerous local and international news websites. DuBa World News can deliver the most important news to you, curated and organized whenever you visit our homepage. You can also enable browser notifications to ensure you will receive updates about breaking news.

This is how our news aggregator site works: the first time you access DuBa from a different browser, we will ask you about your preferences and interests. You can choose to get breaking news about business & technology, entertainment, politics, sports, and much more. At any moment, you can update your interests by removing or adding new ones.

A Breaking News Aggregator That Will Save You Time

DuBa World News saves you time because it is a smart breaking news aggregator. You can visit our homepage at any given time and day and rest assured that you will always see the latest news for your chosen interests.

Make sure to choose your language and allow location tracking to see the weather report for your city. You can also navigate to the category pages and read the latest news for each of your interests.

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